About Freemind

Bible scholar Dr. Ben Witherington often says that we live in a “biblically illiterate, Jesus haunted culture.” Though we have retained some vague notions about Jesus and Christianity, the decline of biblical literacy along with education in general and critical thinking in particular has made us easy prey for the constant barrage of false ideas that press in on us from every angle. This is true even for many of us in the Church—we have succumbed to the spirit of the age being more influenced by Hollywood and social media than by Scripture, reason, and common sense. We often find ourselves at a loss for how to respond to cultural hot topics in everything from sexual morality to politics to science etc. Thus, our purpose at Freemind is to provide a thoughtful analysis of these topics as they arise utilizing the tools of biblical theology and philosophy. In doing so, we hope to help liberate folks’ minds from the fallacious ideas and images that pervade our society, as well as provide them with a model they can use for their own critical/biblical evaluation of culture. Given that our lives run on the rails of our beliefs we think it is vitally important that we have knowledge of true beliefs wherever we can, especially in important topics such as God, religion, morality, anthropology, and politics. Thanks for subscribing!

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